What is the difference between personal, commercial and secured cargo?

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In a global marketplace where cross border trade persists, supply chain and cargo has never been more critical. Especially in this era, cargo is massively relied on to facilitate rapid global trade, safety and security measures becoming more predominant.

When it comes the different types of cargos, even the most ordinary cargo needs extraordinary handling. That’s why many logistic solutions prioritize quality when it comes to transporting your goods via air, ocean, land and even at your own front door. Our general freight solutions are ideal for the fast, convenient, and efficient transportation of all your goods, we provide domestic and international Door to Door Courier Shipments. As we’ve tailored three services levels for you, so you can choose the best combination of cost and speed at your own requirements.

Here are the three types of our services:

Personal Cargo
Handling Door to Door
Domestic & International Express Courier Services

Personal cargo often referred to as Personal Effects in shipping terms, this come in form of gifts/ souvenirs, hampers, daily necessities or an entire home worth of goods and memories. At SKAP, we will help you deliver securely your items to your friends and family or your designated address.

Commercial Cargo
Domestic Overland Trucking
Services Customs Documentation
Relocation Services

At SKAP, commercial cargo consist in dynamic with domestic overland trucking. We provide relocation services as well, such as family move or transfer residence based on life circumstances, pets relocation, your personal car along on your holiday/business trip. This type of service will help you save costs while you can just focus on things that matters to you.
We can also support you on services of customs documentation.

Secure Cargo Handling
Global Air Cargo Services Worldwide
Ocean Freight Services

Air cargo security screening agents help determine your air cargo is safe and secure, enabling the air freight export to be Ready for Carriage from a known shipper. Secure/ Known cargo is manifested and transported to the airport in sealed trucks. Cargo offloading at the airport is coordinated securely over. Our quality standards imply you can be assured air freight exports are safe, secure and will be flown per agreed carrier schedules.

We manage the cargo security screening activity in-house, enabling air freight shipments to be dispatched quicker to the airport and handed over to the airlines. Smart shippers and global logistics operators opt to use our air freight screening services to ensure quicker air cargo exports from Singapore and anywhere in the world.

Global trade continues to flourish by banking on the seas for freight transportation. Sea cargo/ ocean freight forwarding services have historically provided safe and secure transportation of goods. At SKAP you can be assure of frequent, reliable sailings allow for our timely distribution across the markets of interest.

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