How to safely receive a package during pandemic

Uncategorized 🞄 28 Feb 2021
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Collect a package and bringing it into the house during the coronavirus pandemic? What are the safety measurements, and how do you protect yourself when you are ordering necessities or even daily needs online?

Fundamentally, it’s all center around the cleanliness once you receive the package.

Door-to-door courier shipment is well recommended these days, online retailers like Amazon have warned customers about delays in delivery because of coronavirus and other weather obstacles such as snow blizzard, flooding, etc. At Amazon, the company has prioritized speed delivery and restock of essential utilities including household, sanitizers, baby formula and medical supplies. Companies like UPS and FedEx both have stopped obligating signatures for package delivery to practice social distancing.

Preliminary research has shown that the virus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours and three days on plastic and steel.

Besides the fact that hospitals are struggling with a shortage of protective equipment due to the pandemic, often people at home do not use them correctly: They don’t wash their hands before and after donning the gloves, put them on incorrectly or touch other things while wearing the gloves.

So how can you protect yourself? Here are steps you can take to keep yourself safe, whether you are buying groceries or toilet paper.

Step 1: Designate a delivery zone outside the house. Maybe in front of your door, gate or a doormat with a sign for delivery workers. This way you know where the package is and you can limit face-to-face contact.

Step 2: Bring a disinfectant wipe, spray, or wet rag with sanitizer on it to quickly wipe the box or package before bringing it inside. Or, open the box outside and discard the packaging. (Remember: Don’t touch your face with your hands until you’ve washed your hands.)

Step 3: Designate a particular surface where you open packages, if you choose to do so inside. A hard surface that can be sanitized easily is ideal.

Step 4: Wipe down the next layer of plastic or box with sanitizer before putting the item away or using it.

Step 5: Wash your hands.

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Thank you and hope these tips are useful for you.
Stay safe and healthy #SKAPeople!

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